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Daniel Tobias

Seascape watercolours




I was born in Liège April 20, 1956 and since very young I was attracted to drawing, painting and the sea.  Autodidact and to acquire a good basis, I enrolled in evening classes at the academy Fine Arts of Brugge. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I could not finish the full course of three years, but with the good footing and with the help of some books I could continue to improve myself.

I tried oil painting, but I quickly returned to my first love, watercolour.

In 1975 I was hired as a deckhand and later I made a career NCO in the Belgian navy. Soon I become better known as 'Tobi', diminutive of my name that I use for my sign among other cartoons, which are around the navy


Being inspired by and taking as example the works of Dutch painter and illustrator, Jan Sanders, I combined the humorous drawings and watercolors. Meanwhile I have never stopped drawing and painting 'serious' watercolors.

I had, for business and family left 'the sea' for a long period. Since 2006 I'm back to 'the sea' and I paint seascapes, boats and ships again.

It was time that I had the idea to paint on charts. The beginning was difficult, the paper reacts differently as watercolour paper, but with patience and perseverance my technique has improved.
I painted, in order to raise funds, for the association "Save Askoy II", boat of J. Brel, on authentic nautical charts of the Marquesas Islands and Baylys Bay in New Zealand, place where the wreck was recovered.

During my walks along the docks in the ports, as well as on the beach, I regularly pick up old planks, pieces of wood and other driftwood. I give these 'rubbish' a second life by using them as a support for my acrylic paintings.

With water, my box of watercolors, leaving sail my brushes from one wave to another, letting them slide down the props and rigging, I feel the spray, roll and pitch of boats and ships I paint. In a word,


I sail with them!


 Tobi Attelier Bl'ge (1).JPG

 This site is constantly evolving.
I invite you to discover it and if you like it, please come back regularly to see and / or review my watercolors.

I wish you a pleasant visit!



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